South Caucasus

It is characterized by a constantly evolving situation, with Georgia having undergone a change of government of a more moderate type than in the past and expected to know the next steps both in domestic and foreign politics. Georgia, apart from its remarkable history and culture, is distinguished by being the main transit country of energy supplies from the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is making good use of the considerable energy gains, even though Ilham Aliyev’s regime does not seem willing to make too many concessions to a democratic government modeled on Western experience. However, a growing, generally tolerant and secular country that deserves much attention, as well as showing a growing number of initiatives directed at this Caucasian country. Armenia is trying to get out of its geographic isolation thanks to the help of Russia, but also of the West, albeit to a lesser extent. The situation of the potential military conflict with Azerbaijan is severely affected by the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan.